Headunit-High: CID Is Blank and “NO SIGNAL” Is Displayed – 2014 BMW

SI B65 13 13
Audio, Navigation, Monitors, Alarms, SRS
October 2014
Technical Service

This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B65 13 13 dated April 2013.

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Headunit-High: CID Is Blank and “NO SIGNAL” Is Displayed



F01, F02 (7 Series)

F06 (6 Series Gran Coupe)

F07 (5 Series Gran Turismo)

F10 (5 Series Sedan)

F10H (ActiveHybrid 5)

F12 (6 Series Convertible)

F13 (6 Series Coupe)

F15 (X5)

F22 (2 Series Coupe)

F25 (X3)

F30 (3 Series Sedan)

F30H (ActiveHybrid 3)

F31 (3 Series Sports Wagon)

F32 (4 Series Coupe)

F33 (4 Series Convertible)

F34 (3 Series Gran Turismo)

Produced from March 2014 to August 2014 With option 609 (Navigation System Professional, HU-H)


Without option 6VA (CIC contribution)



Intermittently the Central Information Display (CID) is blank and “NO SIGNAL” is displayed on the CID. z Fault Code B7F8C3 “no response from CID (HW error: loss of CID communication)” is stored in the HU-H

Note: If Fault Code E1C440 “Headunit Reset” is also stored in the HU-H, this Service Information is not effective! Follow relevant test plan using ISTA diagnosis.


VANOS Faults Stored in DME (Bosch) – 2014 BMW

SI B12 26 14
Engine Electrical Systems
September 2014
Technical Service


VANOS Faults Stored in DME (Bosch)



All models with the following engines and Bosch DME:

N20, N26, N55, N63T, S55, and S63T

Produced to 7/2014



The Service Engine Soon (MIL) is on and the engine could go into a reduced power mode with the “Drivetrain Malfunction” message displayed.

One or more of the VANOS faults listed in the attachment are stored in the DME, although the engine is mechanically sound and no unusual noises can be heard from the VANOS area.

These control faults relate to implausible camshaft position (intake or exhaust), the camshaft stuck situation, or the camshaft angle offset to crankshaft outside the tolerance range.


Online Service System – OSS

Installation and User Guide

V5.1 February 2017

Online Service System - OSS



The Online Service System (OSS) has been developed specifically for independent automotive workshops to provide an extensive range of resources. The following applications are available in the OSS:


ISTA Diagnosis Application

Vehicle diagnostics from the Z3/E36, with the BMW ICOM, or with a J2534 pass-thru tool (from model year 1996).

  • Fault Code Diagnosis
  • Test Plans
  • Repair Instructions (E30 or higher)
  • Technical Data
  • Wiring diagrams


DME Fault P1688 – 2001-2006 Mini Cooper S

SI M12 04 05
Engine Electrical Systems
July 2005
Technical Service

DME Fault P1688



R52 (Cooper S Convertible) Equipped with W11 Engine R53 (Copper S) Equipped with W11 Engine


Customer complains of lack of power and engine is in failsafe mode. The Service Engine Soon light is illuminated and fault code P1688 (“Electronic throttle control monitor level 2/3; Mass air flow calculation”) is stored in the DME (EMSK2000 or MS5150).



This fault can be caused by one of the following:

  • Possible air leak in the induction system.
  • MAP Sensors are indicating implausible values.
  • Failure of the Supercharger By-Pass Valve (sticking operation).


A/C Does Not Blow Cold Air – 2004 Mini Cooper

M 64 02 04
June 2005


This Service Information bulletin supersedes S.I. M64 02 04 dated August 2004.

New designates changes to this revision



A/C Does Not Blow Cold Air



New R50 (Cooper) with CVT (Automatic Transmission)

Vehicles produced up to August 18, 2004



The A/C line from the condenser to the evaporator is cut by a sharp edge on the CVT oil pan.