NHTSA Campaign Number: 19V015
Manufacturer BMW of North America, LLC
Components AIR BAGS
Potential Number of Units Affected 170,148


Inflators In Sports Steering Wheels May Explode

An inflator explosion may result in sharp metal fragments striking the driver or other occupants resulting in serious injury or death.



BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2000-2003 525i Sedan, 530i Sedan, 540i Sedan, 525i Sports Wagon and 540i Sports Wagon vehicles, and 2000-2004 X5 SAV 3.0i, X5 SAV 4.4i, and X5 SAV 4.6is vehicles. This recall affects certain vehicles where the original steering wheel has been replaced with the optional sports steering wheel. The sports steering wheel has a frontal air bag inflator that may explode due to propellant degradation occurring after long-term exposure to high absolute humidity, temperature and temperature cycling.



BMW will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the vehicle for an optional sports steering wheel with an affected inflator. Dealers will replace the air bag module as necessary, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin March 4, 2019. Owners may contact BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Check if your BMW has a Recall

SI B65 05 19
Audio, Navigation, Monitors, Alarms, SRS
February 2019
Technical Service


New information provided by this revision is preceded by this symbol .

Please perform the procedure outlined in this Service Information on all affected vehicles before customer delivery. In the event the customer has already taken delivery of the vehicle, please perform the procedure the next time the vehicle is in the shop.

This Service Information bulletin replaces SI B65 05 19 dated January 2019 Whats New:

  • Title – added 19V-015
  • Situation – This recall is ONLY for Sports Steering Wheel (SA0710) air bags, either factory installed or retrofitted.
  • Procedure – Autoliv manufactured air bags are not part of this recall
  • Procedure – Basic vs Sports steering wheel images added
  • Procedure – Autoliv air bag picture added for example of part NOT to replace
  • Attachments – added 19V-015 to attachments.



E39 (5 Series) E53 (X5)

E39 produced from 9/2000 thru 7/2003 with the Basic steering wheel (SA0710 Retrofitted)

E39 produced from 9/2000 thru 8/2001 with M Sports steering wheel (SA0710)

E53 produced from 4/2000 thru 9/2003 with the Basic steering wheel (SA0710 Retrofitted)



BMW AG is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall on certain E39 BMW 5 Series and E53 SAV vehicles. This recall campaign involves a sport steering wheel equipped with the Takata PSDI-4 inflator

This recall campaign ONLY involves sports steering wheel (SA0710) equipped vehicles with the Takata PSDI-4 inflator.

Some customers may have switched their original steering wheel which was not affected, to the sport steering wheel which may include this Recalled inflator.

 To complete this recall we will perform an inspection of the installed air bag.

Only those 3% of the vehicles under this recall will need to receive a replacement air bag. The other 97% will only have an inspection performed.

All customers affected by this Recall will be sent repair letters to inform them that their vehicle is affected. To assist you with customer concerns, please reference the attached Q&A that will be updated as information becomes available.



This Recall involves a total vehicle population of approximately 157,549 (69,112 E39, 88,437 E53) vehicles from Model Year 2000 thru 2004. The number of potentially affected vehicles is much smaller and we expect; only around 3% of these vehicles will require parts replacement.

Vehicles in dealer inventory are affected by this recall/stop. Vehicles which require this Recall Campaign to be completed will show it as “Open” when checked either in AIR, the “Service Menu” of DCSnet (Dealer Communication System) or with the Key Reader.

Affected vehicles may have had their original steering wheel which was not affected, switched to the sport steering wheel which may include a Takata PSDI-4 inflator. The air bag will be checked on all affected vehicles and replaced if necessary.



Due to a supplier production error, certain air bags from supplier Takata may not have been produced to specifications.



Check the driver’s air bag and if necessary, replace it.



Basic Steering Wheel Basic Steering Wheel Equipped Vehicles (with or without MFL button controls)

This steering wheel’s air bag is NOT affected, air bag removal for inspection is NOT necessary

Submit a claim for checking only.

Optional Sports Steering Wheel Optional Sports Steering Wheel Equipped Vehicles (with or without MFL button controls)

This steering wheel’s air bag MAYBE affected, remove, inspect and replace the air bag as necessary.

Submit a claim for the inspection or the inspection/replacement repair that applies.

Vehicles equipped with Optional Sports Steering Wheel only

  1. Remove the driver’s air bag in accordance with repair instructions REP 32 34 020 “Removing and installing/replacing air bag units”.
  2. Check the label on the back of the driver’s air bag.

Is the label yellow with a white number sticker with printed serial number BAM XXX – 1085 (as shown below) printed below the bar code?

YES – replace air bag following attached procedure.
label yellow with a white number sticker with printed serial number BAM XXX - 1085
NO – the driver’s air bag is not affected.

Air bags from other manufacturers (non-Takata, Autoliv), or Takata air bags with different chemical compositions (white label) are not affected by this recall and DO NOT need to be replaced.

Reinstall the driver’s air bag.

white label
white label

Note: Before installing the replacement part, the new air bag module’s serial number must be documented by the technician on the repair order so it can also be entered into the warranty claim’s comment section.

air bag module’s serial number



Note: Only request and invoice the applicable part number specified and listed in this Service Information bulletin.

Performing a part number look-up in ETK by VIN or model will result with the wrong part(s) being invoiced and installed.

Part Number Description Quantity
32 30 6 877 590 air bag M sports steering wheel (SA0710) 1



The parts replaced to perform and submit for this Recall repair procedure are the property of BMW NA.

Your center is responsible for the proper identification, storage and documentation of these parts. They must be held in a secure retention area until notification of claim payment is made by BMW NA through DCSnet.

Upon claim payment, a DCSnet part return tag will be generated for the driver’s front air bag module with special handling instructions.

  • Please DO NOT return these recalled air bag modules directly to Lightning Resources or the WPRC.

Inflatable air bags are classified as dangerous goods by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and require special preparation, packing and labeling for transport.

Your center is responsible for following all rules and regulations that apply to shipping dangerous goods as described in the attachment.

A shipping procedure has been created for returning the replaced air bag modules directly to Takata. There is also a procedure available for “Bulk Shipping 15 or more air bag modules” at one time to Takata.

These procedures are contained in the “Part Return Program Instructions” and “Bulk Ship” PDF attachments to this bulletin; please read both of them. Effective immediately, please use the following email address when scheduling bulk shipment returns to Takata:

The parts are to be packaged in the same packaging that the new part arrived in for shipment back to Takata.

The returns pickup schedule has been changed from weekly to every two weeks (bi-weekly)

Parts returned to warranty for this recall that are not manufactured by ‘Takata’, and don’t have the YELLOW label as noted above will be debited. WHITE label Takata gas generators contain a different chemical composition and are NOT part of this recall



Note: The new air bag module’s serial number (item B) must be documented on the repair order and in the warranty claim’s comment section.

Reimbursement for this Recall will be via normal claim entry utilizing the following information:

Defect Code: 0032790200

A. Checking the “Sports” Steering Wheel Air Bag Label or Visually Confirming (without removal) the Vehicle is Equipped with the Basic Steering Wheel/Air Bag Assembly

Labor Operation: Labor Allowance: Description:
00 67 184 5 FRU Checking the driver-side front air bag (No repair is necessary) (Main work)
00 67 753 3 FRU Checking the driver-side front air bag (No repair is necessary) (Plus work)


Checking Label and Replacing the Air Bag

B. Checking the “Sports” Steering Wheel Label and Replacing the Air Bag

Labor Operation: Labor Allowance: Description:
00 67 185 5 FRU Check and replace the driver-side front air bag (Main work)
00 67 754 3 FRU Check and replace the driver-side front air bag (Plus work)

Only one of the listed flat rate unit numbers may be quoted for reimbursement purposes.


Mobile Assistance – Off Site Repair

For centers that qualify, this Recall repair is eligible to be performed and submitted as a Mobile Assistance “OffSite” Repair which includes an additional labor allowance.

Qualifying BMW centers are those that currently own and operate a Mobile Assistance Program vehicle. Other centers that may qualify are those who have officially registered their interest in conducting mobile service and mobile assistance work for the BMW Roadside Assistance Program.

If you have not already registered, please send an email with contact information to [email protected]

Additional information can be found in the Mobile Assistance program guide in CenterNet, it is located under the Customer Relations menu.


Claim – Labor Reimbursement

When a vehicle is eligible for this Recall repair and it is performed under this program, qualifying centers will be reimbursed for the corresponding labor operation’s published KSD2 flat rate unit (FRU) allowance at a of “rate of 150 percent.” This mobile assistance repair work is subject to the same policy and procedures that apply to the warranty repair work being performed in your workshop.


Time Control and Documentation

While repair-specific punch times are not necessary for this repair work being performed on a vehicle off-site (outside your center), the “on-call” technician must still punch on the corresponding repair order (electronic or manual) prior to leaving your BMW center when he or she is dispatched. The technician must punch off the repair order upon their return to your center.

In cases where the technician is out on the road for an extended period of time (for example, on multiple calls), only one on/off punch time is required.


Claim Submission

In addition to the Takata Air Bag Recall repair order line item, please open an additional line item as describe below:

Defect Code: 85820269TK Takata Recall – Mobile Assistance Off-Site Repair
Labor Operation: Labor Allowance: Description:
65 99 000 # FRU* Additional labor allowance to perform “off-site” repair through Mobile Assistance

*Labor Calculation Example

If the special flat rate labor for the Takata Air Bag Recall has a stated allowance of 5 FRU, applying the “rate of 150 percent,” this repair will be reimbursed at a total of 8 FRU (7.5 rounded up) as a Mobile Assistance off-site repair:

  • Claim the additional “3 FRU” or the “applicable additional FRU amount” using the defect code and labor operation provided above.


  • Round up “half” flat rate units when applicable.
  • Identify this line time as “Additional labor for a Mobile Assistance off-site repair.”
  • Itemize the additional labor claimed and explain the repair performed on the repair order and in claim comment section.
  • Labor operation code “65 99 000” is not considered a Main labor operation.


Reimbursement of Prior Customer-Pay Repairs (TREAD Act)

With this Technical Campaign, a prior repair reimbursement is not likely. Typically, a customer would have their driver’s front air bag module replaced as a result of an accident. In such a case, either an insurance company or the customer themselves, paid for the replacement of the above mentioned air bag module in conjunction with the accident repairs. Such cases are not covered by this campaign and are not entitled to reimbursement. Posted: Tuesday, February 5, 2019



View PDF attachment B650519_Parts_Bulk_Ship_Return.

View PDF attachment B650519_Parts_Return_Program_Instructions.

View PDF attachment 19V-015_E53 E39 DAB QA_14Jan2019_final.

View PDF attachment B650519 Recall Notice.


To:  All Center Operators, Sales Managers, Service Manager, Parts Manager and Warranty  Processor

RE: Recall 19V-015: Driver’s Front Air Bag Module – Prior Parts Replacement  (B65 05 19)

BMW of North America, LLC is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall (effective January 14, 2019) on certain BMW 5 Series and X5 SAV vehicles that were produced from April 2, 2000 through September 30, 2003.


Owners will be notified by First Class mail about the Recall and will be instructed to bring their vehicles in for a free repair when parts are available.

Please be reminded that it is a violation of federal law (The Safety Act) for you to sell, lease or deliver any new motor vehicle covered by this notification until the recall repair has been performed.  This means that centers may not legally deliver new motor vehicles to consumers until they are fixed or use/sell replacement equipment/parts subject to this recall.  Note also that substantial civil penalties apply to violations of the Safety Act. 

Also, you should not sell, lease or deliver any Certified Pre-Owned or used vehicles subject to a safety recall until the repair is completed. 

Please follow any special instructions that we provide to you for the return or disposition of recall parts.


We appreciate all your assistance with this Recall.

Model Year 2000-2003 BMW X5, 3 and 5 Series
Driver’s Front Air Bag Module
Safety Recall 19V-015
Last updated: 2/1/2019

Q1. Which models are included in this Safety Recall Campaign?
Included are approximately 170,148 vehicles, with approximate volumes and production dates as noted below.

Series Model Model Year Approx.


Production Dates


5 Series


2000 – 2003

2000 – 2004



Sept 2000 – July 2003

April 2000 – September 2003


Q2. Which inflator is affected?
This recall campaign involves a sport steering wheel equipped with the Takata PSDI-4 inflator.  Some customers may have switched their original steering wheel which was not affected, to the sport steering wheel which may include this inflator.


Q3. What is the fix?
The driver’s front air bag module will be checked and if a Takata PSDI-4 inflator is found, it will be replaced.


Q4. How long will the repair take?
The repair is FREE. Checking the air bag takes about 30 minutes; if the driver’s front air bag module needs to be replaced, it could take approximately one hour. Additional time may be required depending upon your BMW center’s schedule.


Q5. How will I be notified of this recall?
You will receive a letter by the beginning of March via First Class mail, advising you of this recall. To ensure BMW of North America, LLC has your most recent contact and vehicle information, please register your vehicle at Registration is free, and will give you access to factory initiated campaigns and other information specific to your BMW vehicle.


Q6. Do I have to wait for my letter in order to have my vehicle serviced?
No. You should schedule an appointment immediately with an authorized BMW center for service and repair. You can locate your nearest BMW center at


Q7. What options are available if it is too inconvenient for me to bring my vehicle to a BMW center for service?
There are a few options to help overcome the inconvenience of bringing your vehicle in for service like mobile repair, alternate transportation, pickup/drop-off, dealer events and towing. Contact your local BMW center to check what is available.



General Takata Questions

Q1. What is the specific concern?
Takata’s investigation to date indicates that exposure to certain environmental conditions (several years of exposure to persistent conditions of high absolute humidity) could lead to overly aggressive combustion in the event of air bag deployment.


Q2. What is desiccant?
Put simply, desiccant is a substance with properties that enable it to soak up water vapor from the air surrounding it.


Q3. Why are other BMW models not included?
Other vehicles have frontal air bags that were produced with different inflators.


Q4. What can happen as a result of this issue?
In a crash where the air bag deploys, the air bag inflator housing may rupture and could cause metal fragments to pass through the air bag cushion material, which may result in injury or death to vehicle occupants.


Q5. Is it possible to find out whether the problem exists in my car?
No. There is no way to detect if your BMW might have an air bag inflator potentially at risk of rupturing upon deployment in an accident.


Q6. How did BMW become aware of this issue?
BMW became aware of this issue through its quality control procedures.


Q7. Can I continue to drive my vehicle?
Yes. However, please contact any authorized BMW center immediately to schedule an appointment to have this important free repair performed as soon as possible.  If you are not the only driver of this vehicle, please advise all other drivers of this important information.


Q8. I did not receive a letter from BMW regarding my vehicle. How can I find out if my BMW is included in this recall?
You can check for open recalls a few different ways. You can check for open recalls by entering your vehicle identification number (VIN) at and download a sample owner notification letter and Q&A if your VIN is affected. You can also call or visit your local BMW center’s service department to determine if your BMW is affected. Make sure to update your contact information by registering at


Q9. What if I am not the current owner of this vehicle?
You can update your vehicle ownership information by registering at


Q10. Which states are considered to be high absolute humidity areas?
Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Saipan, South Carolina and U.S. Virgin Islands.


Q11. Am I eligible for reimbursement under the TREAD Act if I previously replaced my driver’s front air bag module?
In this particular recall, reimbursement is likely not applicable, as you would typically have replaced your frontal air bag module as a result of an accident. In that situation, most likely your insurance company paid for the repair. However, in the very unusual (unlikely) scenario that you previously paid to replace the front air bag module “out-of-pocket” upon learning of this possible defect, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Additional information is provided when BMW mails the letter asking you to make an appointment with an authorized BMW center.


Q12. I’m not the first owner of this vehicle and am concerned it may have been kept in a high humidity state. What can you tell me?
Any vehicle that was ever registered in hot and humid area as defined by NHTSA is given priority on the list of customers being notified about this recall.


Q13. Which states are considered to be high absolute humidity areas?
Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Saipan, and U.S. Virgin Islands.


Q14.  What determines the prioritized locations that are associated with the most at-risk vehicles – and what is the average propellant degradation time in each?
Per the NHTSA, geographic zones have been established based on the temperature fluctuations and humidity and the exposure time required under those environmental conditions to degrade the propellant to the point where it poses an unreasonable risk to safety. High Absolute Humidity (“HAH”) definitions are as follows:

 “HAH” or “A” Time until unsafe propellant degradation is projected between 6-9 years.
“Non-HAH” or “Non-A” Covers vehicles that have not been identified by the vehicle manufacturer as having been originally sold or ever registered in the HAH region. This includes Zones B and C.
“B” Time until unsafe propellant degradation is projected between 10-15 years.
“C” Time until unsafe propellant degradation is projected between 15-20 years.

geographic zones



SI B65 05 19

February 2019

Download (PDF, 711KB)

SI B65 05 19

January 2019

Download (PDF, 676KB)

SI B65 05 19

January 2019

Download (PDF, 247KB)

Recall Acknowledgement

February 7, 2019

Download (PDF, 239KB)

Recalls Documents


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Last update on 2019-04-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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