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Installation and User Guide

V5.1 February 2017

Online Service System - OSS



The Online Service System (OSS) has been developed specifically for independent automotive workshops to provide an extensive range of resources. The following applications are available in the OSS:


ISTA Diagnosis Application

Vehicle diagnostics from the Z3/E36, with the BMW ICOM, or with a J2534 pass-thru tool (from model year 1996).

  • Fault Code Diagnosis
  • Test Plans
  • Repair Instructions (E30 or higher)
  • Technical Data
  • Wiring diagrams


ISTA/P Online – Control Module Reprogramming

With ISTA/P you can reprogram the onboard control modules that are capable of software reprogramming.  For ISTA/P, a data interface, a power supply and an Internet connection are required. The data interface can be a BMW Group ICOM interface or a “Pass-Thru Tool (PTT)” that fulfills the requirements of the SAE J2534 standard.


PCode App

The P code app allows you to search for standard SAE P codes and BMW-specific P codes, which you can read out from the engine control units using a generic scan tool. The P code module is especially helpful for users who do not own BMW-specific diagnosis systems, but read out fault codes using a generic scan tool. The corresponding P code can be read out via the vehicle identification number.



The AIR application combine the Repair information from WebISTA, Labor times from WebKSD, and parts information.

In the near future AIR will replace WebISTA and WebKSD.


What is needed to diagnose and program with the BMW OSS?

The OSS consists of a desktop or laptop PC connected to BMW over the Internet. To connect to the vehicle you can use the BMW authorized diagnostic interface “integrated communication optical module (ICOM)” or use a J2534 “Pass Thru Tool (PTT)”.


BMW ICOM Interface

The ICOM is the interface for the repair of BMW and MINI vehicles recommended by BMW. Specifically designed for BMW and MINI vehicles, the ICOM incorporates powerful processors and a high storage capacity. This allows for faster communication than with a PTT.

BMW ICOM Interface

BMW ICOM Interface


There are three different ICOM components available. These can handle all vehicles of the BMW Group:


J2534 Pass Thru Tool (PTT)

Working with a PTT, two drivers are required: The BMW PTT driver and the PTT manufacturer specific driver.

BMW specific Adapter and Cable

Older vehicles may require and additional adapter for vehicle diagnosis/programming. Contact your device manufacturer for details.


BMW 20 Pin Adapter

Some older vehicles have a Round, 20-pin diagnostic connector located in the engine compartment. Utilization of this connector is required for proper communication. The following vehicles need the 20 pin adapter:

  • 323i Sedan from MY 1998, 323i Coupe/Cabrio from MY 1999
  • 328i, 330i from MY 1998, 328i, 330i Coupe/Cabrio from MY 1999
  • 528i, 530i, from MY 1998
  • 540i from MY 1997
  • 740i from MY 1997
  • M3 Coupe/Cabrio from MY 1999
  • M Roadster/Coupe from MY 2000
  • Z3 Roadster 2.8/3.0 from MY 1998
  • X5 from MY 2001

The 20 Pin adapter

The 20 Pin adapter is indicated in the picture above. It can be located on the front of the engine(as shown) or near the passenger side strut tower.


BMW 7-8 Pin Adapter 

Some vehicles require pins 7-8 of the OBD connector to be bridged for vehicle communication.

BMW 7-8 Pin Adapter

BMW 7-8 Pin Adapter


Power Supply

Vehicles from series E65 (from 11 / 2001) cannot be programmed without an external power supply. Power supply/ battery chargers with following specifications and settings are required :

  • F/G Series: The set maximum voltage rating of 14.8 volts battery charging mode must not be exceeded. With the recommended chargers (e.g. Deutronic “DBL1200”, “DBL1600”, “MultiCharger 1500”) use the battery charging mode for programming.
  • E Series : Chargers (such as Deutronic “DBL800”, “MultiCharger 750”) with microprocessor-controlled monitoring and adjustment of the current of the vehicle can be used. Please refer to BMW Service Bulletin B04 23 10 or MINI Service Bulletin M04 08 09 for more details and a listing of approved chargers required for programming.
  • All approved chargers may be purchased from API International at 1-512-280-4391


PC Requirements

In order to use the Online Service System (OSS), the following technical requirements must be met:

Network/internet connection

  • Internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 2 Mbit/s
  • For optimum performance, a maximum latency of 100 ms to the OSS server is required
  • It must be ensured that the IP address does not change during the session

Programming faults can occur without a stable Internet connection. All work using the OSS requires a stable Internet connection. Some sessions may, depending on internet connection speed and vehicle condition, last several hours and transfer a data volume of several hundred megabytes. The ISP should ensure that the IP is not changed during the session.


  • At least 4 GB of main memory
  • Dual core CPU with a minimum speed of 2.2 GHz
  • At least 150 GB of free hard drive space
  • At least a 15″ monitor, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, 256 colors
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Network connection to connect to the internet
  • USB connection port PTT connection, Ethernet connection for ICOM

Operating system & system requirements

One of the following operating systems is required in order to use the Online Service System (OSS):

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise © (32-bit) with Service Pack 1 or Microsoft Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise © (64-bit) with Service Pack 1 or
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional/Enterprise © (64-bit).
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional


In addition to the operating system, the following software must be installed before you can use the applications:

  • JAVA©
  • Microsoft .NET 2.5
  • Microsoft .NET 3.0
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5



Internet Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is currently the only browser supported for OSS applications

  • Due to changes made by Google, Google Chrome is no longer supported.
  • Due to changes made by Mozilla, Firefox is no longer supported.
  • Microsoft Edge does not support plugins and cannot be used with the OSS.



OSS Software Installation

The first step is the Installation of the required software packages:

  • Install manufacturer-specific PTT driver*
  • BMW PTT driver download and install*
  • BMW ICOM Firmware**
  • OMS driver download and install
  • ISTA/P Online Installation
  • ISTA client download and install KSD client download and install
  • WebISTA and AIR do not require any installation procedures.

*Not required for ICOM use
** Only for ICOM users

All OSS software and applications are found under the OSS menu of the website


PTT Driver

Install the PTT driver supplied by the device manufacturer.

BMW PassThruD Driver

The BMW PassThruD driver is required when using the PTT diagnostic interface.

The driver can be found on either the ISTA or ISTA/P Start page at the bottom of the screen.


ICOM Firmware Installation   

  • Not required for PTT users
  • Download and run the ICOM Firmware software from the ISTA/P start page.


ISTA/P Installation and Application Start

  • Click the ISTA/P link found under the OSS menu



Information about vehicle reprogramming and diagnostics using J2534 click here.

BMW and MINI Model Map information.

Special Tools and Diagnostic equipment can be purchased here.



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