Coolant Level Warning Light On – 2000-2003 BMW X5

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SI B17 01 03
Cooling Systems
September 2003
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Coolant Level Warning Light On



X5 with 4.4 and 4.6 liter engine from start of production to 4/20/03



Certain X5 vehicles equipped with the 4.4 or 4.6 liter M62TU engine may have the coolant warning light illuminated, even when the actual coolant level is sufficient. Troubleshooting leads to replacement of the coolant level sensor. Within a short time, the vehicle may return to the workshop with the same complaint.



coolant expansion tank (2) Insufficient clearance between underside of the coolant expansion tank (2) and the support bracket (1) as indicated by the arrow in illustration. Contact between the bracket and the coolant level sensor, located on the underside of the expansion tank, causes damage to the sensor which, in turn, leads to warning light illumination.
coolant expansion tank The new part has a cutout in the area of the coolant level sensor which eliminates the area of contact. Note area indicated by arrow.



On a customer complaint basis and where there is evidence of sensor to bracket interference, replace the existing bracket with the new modified support bracket currently available through Parts. The part number remains the same as the original part. Additionally, replace the coolant level sensor.

coolant expansion tank Follow the procedure for removing and replacing the coolant expansion tank (1) as outlined in Repair Instruction 17 11 100. Tank is secured to bracket by two bolts (2)
power steering reservoir Remove the two bolts (2) securing the power steering reservoir (3). Position the reservoir away from bracket. Do not disconnect lines.
oil filter housing Remove the two bolts (2) securing oil filter housing (1) to bracket (3).
bracket (1) Remove the three bolts (2) holding the bracket (1) to the body. Carefully slide bracket around oil filter housing and remove. Install in reverse order.



Part Number Description Quantity
51 71 8 250 435 Coolant Tank support 1
17 11 7 506 601 Leveling Switch 1



Covered under the terms of the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Defect Code 51 71 97 41 00
Main Labor Operation: Replace Coolant Tank Support 00 54 182
Labor Allowance: 10 FRU
+ Associated Labor Operation: Replace Coolant Tank Support 00 54 819
Labor Allowance: 8 FRU
Sublet Code 4 Sublet Allowance – Coolant Only amount needed to top off


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Coolant Level Warning Light On - 2000-2003 BMW X5 | small light
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