A/C Does Not Blow Cold Air – 2004 Mini Cooper

M 64 02 04
June 2005


This Service Information bulletin supersedes S.I. M64 02 04 dated August 2004.

New designates changes to this revision



A/C Does Not Blow Cold Air



New R50 (Cooper) with CVT (Automatic Transmission)

Vehicles produced up to August 18, 2004



The A/C line from the condenser to the evaporator is cut by a sharp edge on the CVT oil pan.



  1. New If the vehicle was produced prior to August 18, 2004 proceed to the next step. For vehicles after the above mentioned production date, before disturbing the routing of the cut hose, take digital pictures from the angles as shown in the attachment, and attach them to a PuMA case.
  2. Replace the hose and reposition it so that it does not rub on the oil pan. Refer to Repair Instruction RA64 50 009 (Drawing off, evacuating and filling A/C system — R134a).

ATTACHMENTS view PDF attachment M640204ACHoseRouting.


Download (PDF, 99KB)



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