Fuel Pump Replacement – 2007-2012 BMW

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NHTSA Campaign Number: 16V746
Manufacturer BMW of North America, LLC
Potential Number of Units Affected 136,188


Loose Fuel Pump Wiring may cause Stall/Fuel Leak

The loose wires may cause the connector to melt, resulting in a fuel leak. Additionally, the fuel pump may stop working, possibly causing an engine stall and increase the risk of a crash.



BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2007-2011 BMW X5 3.0si, X5 4.8i, X5 M, X5 xDrive30i, X5 xDrive35i, X5 xDrive48i and X5 xDrive50i, 2008-2011 X6 x Drive35i, X6 xDrive50i and X6 M, 2010-2011 X6 ActiveHybrid, 535i xDrive Gran Turismo, 535i Gran Turismo, 550i xDrive Gran Turismo and 550i Gran Turismo, 2011-2012 528i, 535i, 535i xDrive, 550i and 550i xDrive and 2012 535i ActiveHybrid, 640i Convertible, 650i Convertible, 650i xDrive Convertible, 650i Coupe and 650i Coupe xDrive vehicles.

The affected vehicles have in-tank fuel pumps that may have insufficiently crimped wire contacts.



BMW will notify owners, and dealers will replace the fuel pump module, free of charge.

The recall is expected to begin December 5, 2016.

Owners may contact BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.


Check if your BMW Motorcycle has a Recall





F07 (5 Series Gran Turismo) F10 (5 Series Sedan) F12 (6 Series Convertible) F13 (6 Series Coupe)
E70 (X5) E71 (X6) E72 (X6 Hybrid)



BMW AG is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall involving certain Model Year 2007 – 2012 vehicles. This involves the fuel delivery module which contains the in-tank fuel pump. Over time, the electrical connectors may become damaged.

Approximately 136,188 vehicles are affected by this recall. These vehicles will be displayed under “open campaign” in AIR and ISPA Next with the description: “INFO010117 Recall 160416 no action at this time”. The VINs will be loaded into the Warranty System overnight and will be displayed on October 14, 2016 in Warranty Vehicle Inquiry.

This bulletin will be updated with repair instructions, parts and warranty information when it becomes available.



View PDF attachment Recall Notice B160416.
View PDF attachment B160416 Q&A.





To:  All Center Operators, Sales Managers, Service Manager, Parts Manager and Warranty Processor

RE:  Recall Campaign 16V-XXX:  Fuel Pump Replacement B16 04 16


BMW Group is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall (effective October 13, 2016) involving the fuel pump in certain F07 (5 Series Gran Turismo), F10 (5 Series Sedan), F12 (6 Series Convertible), F13 (6 Series Coupe), E70 (X5), E71 (X6), E72 (X6 Hybrid).

Owners will be notified by First Class mail about the Recall and will be instructed to bring their vehicles in for a free repair when parts are available.

Please be reminded that it is a violation of federal law (The Safety Act) for you to sell, lease or deliver any new motor vehicle covered by this notification until the recall repair has been performed.  This means that centers may not legally deliver new motor vehicles to consumers until they are fixed or use/sell replacement equipment/parts subject to this recall.  Note also that substantial civil penalties apply to violations of the Safety Act.

Also, you should not sell, lease or deliver any Certified Pre-Owned or used vehicles subject to a safety recall until the repair is completed. 

Please follow any special instructions that we provide to you for the return or disposition of recall parts.  

We appreciate all your assistance with this Recall.



In-Tank Fuel Pump
Safety Recall 16V-xxx
Model Year 2008-2012
BMW 5 Series, 5 Series Gran Turismo, 6 Series, X5 SAV, X6 SAC
Last Updated 10/13/2016


Q1. Which BMW models in the US are potentially affected by this Safety Recall?

Approximately 136,188 BMW models in the US, as noted below, are potentially affected.

Series Model Model Year Approx. Volume Production Dates
F10 5 Series 2011 – 2012 51,710 Jul 2010 – Jun 2011
F10 5 Series (Hybrid) 2012 1 Oct 2010
F07 5 Series Gran Turismo 2010 – 2011 4,961 Mar 2009 – Jun 2011
F12 6 Series Convertible 2012 1,609 Oct 2010 – Jun 2011
F13 6 Series Coupe 2012 8 Oct 2010 – Jun 2011
E70 X5 SAV 2007 – 2011 70,632 May 2006 – Jul 2010
E71 X6 SAC 2008 – 2011 7,068 Jul 2007 – Jul 2010
E72 X6 SAC (Hybrid) 2010 – 2011 199 Apr 2009 – Jul 2010


Q2. What is the specific issue?

This safety recall involves the in-tank fuel pump.  Over time, the fuel pump connector may become damaged.


Q3. What can happen as a result of this issue?

If the fuel pump connector becomes damaged, a fuel odor may be noticed.  This could also lead to a fuel leak during refueling, or when cornering while driving.  The fuel pump could also stop working and lead to a no start or stalling condition in the vehicle.


Q4. How did BMW become aware of this issue?

BMW became aware of this issue through its quality control procedures.


Q5. Why are other BMW vehicles not included in this Safety Recall?

Other vehicles have a different fuel pump.


Q6. Can I determine if this issue exists in my vehicle?

If you notice a fuel odor or a fuel leak after recently refueling, your vehicle may be experiencing this issue.  Additionally, if your vehicle does not start, or stalls while driving, your vehicle may be experiencing this issue.  If this occurs, have the vehicle brought to the nearest authorized BMW center.


Q7. Can I continue to drive my vehicle?

Yes.  However, when you receive a letter asking you to have this service performed by an authorized BMW center, please do so as soon as possible.  If you are not the only driver of this vehicle, please advise all other drivers of this important information.


Q8. How will my vehicle be repaired?

The fuel pump will be replaced.


Q9. Is BMW aware of any accidents or injuries involving these BMW vehicles associated with this Safety Recall?



Q10. How will I be informed of this Safety Recall?

If your vehicle is affected, you will receive a letter in December via First Class mail advising you of this recall.  You will receive another letter when parts become available.  At such time, you should immediately schedule an appointment with an authorized BMW center for service and repair.  Locate your preferred BMW center at www.bmwusa.com/dealer.


To ensure BMW of North America, LLC has your most recent contact and vehicle information, please register your vehicle at https://www.bmwusa.com/myBMW.  Registration is free, and will give you access to factory initiated campaigns and other information specific to your BMW vehicle.


Q11. How long will the repair take?

This repair may take several hours; however, additional time may be required depending upon your BMW center’s schedule.  The repair will be performed free of charge by your authorized BMW center.


Q12. Do I have to wait for my letter in order to have my vehicle serviced?

Yes.  BMW is in the process of implementing this program to ensure that the necessary parts, tools and procedures are available at its authorized BMW centers, prior to contacting you to schedule your vehicle to have this safety recall performed. For the latest updates to this recall, please visit www.bmwusa.com/recall.


Q13. I see the “TREAD Act Customer Reimbursement Plan” attached to my letter.  Can you explain what that is about?  Am I eligible for reimbursement?

If you have already had this repair performed at your own expense, you may be eligible for reimbursement of certain expenses that you incurred.





IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL – Initial Notice – Remedy Unavailable


This notice applies to your vehicle,
Recall Campaign No. 16V-746: In-Tank Fuel Pump


December 2016

Dear BMW Owner / Lessee:

This notice is sent to you in accordance with the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.  BMW AG has decided that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists in certain Model Year 2007-2012 BMW 5 Series, 5 Series Gran Turismo, 6 Series Coupe, 6 Series Convertible, X5 SAV, and X6 SAC vehicles.  Our records indicate that you are the owner or lessee of a potentially affected vehicle.


Why are we contacting you?

Please note that at the present time, we do not have parts available.  BMW will notify you with another letter as soon as we can complete this recall on your vehicle.   


What could happen?

This recall involves the vehicle’s in-tank fuel pump.  Over time, the fuel pump connector may become damaged.  If this happens, you may notice a fuel odor.  This issue could also lead to a fuel leak during refueling, or when cornering while driving.  The fuel pump could also stop working and lead to a no start or stalling condition.

If this issue occurs, carefully move away from traffic and pull over to a safe location as soon as possible.  Then, contact BMW Roadside Assistance at 1-800-332-4269 to have the vehicle brought to the nearest authorized BMW center.

If you are not the only driver of this vehicle, please advise all other drivers and passengers of this important information.


What will BMW do?

The in-tank fuel pump will be replaced free of charge when parts become available.


What if I am not the current owner/lessee of this vehicle?

You can update vehicle ownership and contact information by filling out the enclosed postage-paid card or by registering at www.bmwusa.com/myBMW 

If you are a vehicle lessor, Federal Regulations require you to forward this notice to your lessee within ten days. 


What if I have questions or experience problems?

Should you have any questions about this recall, please contact your authorized BMW center.  Should you need additional assistance, contact BMW Customer Relations and Services via Email at

CustomerRelations@bmwusa.com or by calling 1-800-525-7417.  For the latest updates to this recall, please visit www.bmwusa.com/recall.

If your BMW center is unable to remedy the defect without charge or within a reasonable period of time, you may notify the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E., Washington, DC 20590, call the toll-free Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153), or go to https://www.safercar.gov.

Please be assured that your safety is important to us and we sincerely apologize if this recall causes any inconvenience.  We recommend wearing your safety belt at all times.



BMW of North America, LLC





Aviso inicial – recurso de carácter
Este aviso se aplica a su vehículo,
Campaña de retirada n.° 16V-746: Bomba de combustible dentro del tanque


Diciembre de 2016

Estimado propietario o arrendatario de BMW:

Le enviamos este aviso según las disposiciones de la National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Ley Nacional de Seguridad de Tráfico y Vehículos Automotrices).  BMW AG ha determinado que algunos modelos de vehículos de la serie 5, Gran Turismo serie 5, coupé serie 6, convertible serie 6, X5 SAV y X6 SAC de BMW, correspondientes a los años 2007 a 2012, tienen un defecto que afecta la seguridad de estos vehículos motorizados.  Nuestros registros indican que usted es el propietario o arrendatario de un vehículo potencialmente afectado.


¿Por que lo estamos contactando a ustedes?

Esta retirada se relaciona con la bomba de combustible dentro del tanque.  Con el paso del tiempo, es posible que se dañe el conector de la bomba de combustible.  Si ocurre esto, es posible que note olor a combustible.  Este problema también puede causar una fuga de combustible durante la recarga o cuando se gira mientras se conduce. También es posible que la bomba deje de funcionar y cause una condición de no arranque o detención, y aumente el riesgo de choque.


¿Que puede suceder?

Tenga en cuenta que en este momento las piezas no están disponibles.  BMW le informará mediante una carta tan pronto como realicemos esta retirada en su vehículo.  Puede localizar el centro de BMW más cercano en www.bmwusa.com/dealers.

Si notó olor a combustible o una fuga de combustible después de una recarga reciente, es posible que su vehículo tenga este problema.  Además, si el vehículo no arranca o se detiene mientras conduce, es posible que tenga este problema.  Si se produce este problema, apártese cuidadosamente del tráfico y deténgase en un lugar seguro lo antes posible.  Luego, comuníquese con BMW Roadside Assistance (Asistencia en la Carretera de BMW) al 1-800-332-4269 para que le lleven el vehículo al centro autorizado de BMW más cercano.

Si usted no es la única persona que conduce este vehículo, comparta esta importante información con todos los demás conductores y pasajeros.


¿Qué hará el BMW?

Se reemplazará la bomba de combustible dentro del tanque.  Esta reparación gratuita llevará aproximadamente dos horas.


¿Qué ocurre si yo no soy el propietario o arrendatario actual de este vehículo?

Puede actualizar la información de la titularidad del vehículo y su información de contacto completando la tarjeta con respuesta postal paga adjunta o registrándose en www.bmwusa.com/myBMW.  El registro es gratuito; además, le daremos acceso a las campañas iniciadas por la fábrica y a otra información específica para su BMW.  Si usted es arrendador del vehículo, las reglamentaciones federales requieren que reenvíe este aviso a su arrendatario dentro de los diez días. 


¿Qué debo hacer si tengo alguna pregunta o si experimento algún problema?

Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre esta retirada, comuníquese con el centro autorizado de BMW.  En caso de necesitar asistencia adicional, puede ponerse en contacto con el BMW Customer Relations and Services (Servicio de Atención al Cliente de BMW) por correo electrónico a CustomerRelations@bmwusa.com o llamando al 1-800-525-7417.  Para ver las últimas actualizaciones de esta retirada, visite www.bmwusa.com/recall.

Si el centro de BMW no puede resolver el defecto sin cargo o dentro de un período razonable, puede notificar al administrador de la National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Administración Nacional de Seguridad de Tráfico en Carreteras), 1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E., Washington, DC 20590, llamar a la Vehicle Safety Hotline (Línea gratuita directa de seguridad vehicular) al 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153) o visitar https://www.safercar.gov.

Le garantizamos que nos importa su seguridad y le pedimos sinceras disculpas si esta retirada le causa algún inconveniente.  Le recomendamos usar el cinturón de seguridad en todo momento.


BMW of North America, LLC



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