Headunit-High: CID Is Blank and “NO SIGNAL” Is Displayed – 2014 BMW

SI B65 13 13
Audio, Navigation, Monitors, Alarms, SRS
October 2014
Technical Service

This Service Information bulletin supersedes SI B65 13 13 dated April 2013.

designates changes to this revision



Headunit-High: CID Is Blank and “NO SIGNAL” Is Displayed



F01, F02 (7 Series)

F06 (6 Series Gran Coupe)

F07 (5 Series Gran Turismo)

F10 (5 Series Sedan)

F10H (ActiveHybrid 5)

F12 (6 Series Convertible)

F13 (6 Series Coupe)

F15 (X5)

F22 (2 Series Coupe)

F25 (X3)

F30 (3 Series Sedan)

F30H (ActiveHybrid 3)

F31 (3 Series Sports Wagon)

F32 (4 Series Coupe)

F33 (4 Series Convertible)

F34 (3 Series Gran Turismo)

Produced from March 2014 to August 2014 With option 609 (Navigation System Professional, HU-H)


Without option 6VA (CIC contribution)



Intermittently the Central Information Display (CID) is blank and “NO SIGNAL” is displayed on the CID. z Fault Code B7F8C3 “no response from CID (HW error: loss of CID communication)” is stored in the HU-H

Note: If Fault Code E1C440 “Headunit Reset” is also stored in the HU-H, this Service Information is not effective! Follow relevant test plan using ISTA diagnosis.



Software error in the HU-H



Do not replace parts!

  1. Perform a vehicle test using the latest ISTA (Integrated Service Technical Application) diagnostic software.

Always connect a BMW approved battery charger/power supply (SI B04 23 10).

  1. Program the vehicle using ISTA/P 2.53.5/3.53.5 or later.

F01/F02/F02H/F07 – New integration level: F001-14-07-505 or higher

F06/F10/F10H/F12/F13 – New integration level: F010-14-07-505 or higher

F22/F30/F30H/F31/F32/F33/F34 – New integration level: F020-14-07-505 or higher F25/F15 – New integration level: F025-14-07-505 or higher

Note that ISTA/P will automatically reprogram and code all programmable control modules that do not have the latest software.

For information on programming and coding with ISTA/P, refer to CenterNet / Aftersales Portal / Service / Workshop Technology / Vehicle Programming.



Covered under the terms of the BMW New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty.

Defect Code: 65 12 59 02 00
Labor Operation: Labor Allowance: Description:
00 00 006 Refer to KSD2 Performing “vehicle test” (with vehicle diagnosis system – checking faults)
61 21 528 Refer to KSD2 Connect an approved battery charger/power supply (indicated in KSD2 as “Charging battery”)
61 00 730 Refer to KSD2 Programming/encoding control unit(s)

Labor operation code 00 00 006 is a Main labor operation. If you are using a Main labor code for another repair, use the Plus code labor operation 00 00 556 instead.

Refer to KSD2 for the corresponding flat rate unit (FRU) allowance. Enter the Chassis Number, which consists of the last 7 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Click on the “Search” button, and then enter the applicable flat rate labor operation in the FR code field.

If a vehicle control module or component was working properly and/or had no related faults stored prior to vehicle programming and it fails to program correctly and/or requires initialization, this additional work must be claimed with separate labor operations under the defect code listed above; refer to KSD2.

Repairs to address control modules and/or components with pre-existing conditions are not eligible to be claimed under the defect code listed in this bulletin.

Other Repairs

If performing other ISTA diagnostics and the related test plans results with eligible and covered work, claim this work with the applicable defect code and labor operations listed in KSD2.

SI B65 13 13



Download (PDF, 107KB)



The Online Service System (OSS) has been developed specifically for independent automotive workshops to provide an extensive range of resources. The following applications are available in the OSS:

ISTA Diagnosis Application

Vehicle diagnostics from the Z3/E36, with the BMW ICOM, or with a J2534 pass-thru tool (from model year 1996).

  • Fault Code Diagnosis
  • Test Plans
  • Repair Instructions (E30 or higher)
  • Technical Data
  • Wiring diagrams

Web ISTA Information Application

WebISTA has been developed to provide an information only application for users that do not require all of the services included in the ISTA diagnostics application.

  • Repair Instructions (E30 or higher)
  • Technical Data
  • Tightening torques
  • Wiring diagrams

You can search using document title, document number and subject areas as the search criteria. The desired information is displayed by means of graphics and explanatory text.

ISTA/P Online – Control Module Reprogramming

With ISTA/P you can reprogram the onboard control modules that are capable of software reprogramming.  For ISTA/P, a data interface, a power supply and an Internet connection are required. The data interface can be a BMW Group ICOM interface or a “Pass-Thru Tool (PTT)” that fulfills the requirements of the SAE J2534 standard.

What is needed to diagnose and program with the BMW OSS?

The OSS consists of a desktop or laptop PC connected to BMW over the Internet. To connect to the vehicle you can use the BMW authorized diagnostic interface “integrated communication optical module (ICOM)” or use a J2534 “Pass Thru Tool (PTT)”.

CarDAQ-Plus 2 Diagnostic Code Reader and J2534 Programming Tool

Drew Technologies (DRWCDPLUSKIT) CarDAQ-Plus J2534 Flash Reprogramming Kit

CarDAQ-M Modular PassThru J2534 Vehicle Reflash Hardware
VSI J2534 ECU Reprogrammer & Diagnostic Adapter
Dearborn d-Bridge Adapter J2534 OBDII Engineering Tool
JDiag Elite II Pro J2534 ECU Car Dash Automotive Diagnostic Programming Tool



Connection to OSS works only on PCs where no proxy connections are used.

For information about vehicle reprogramming and diagnostics using J2534 click here.



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