Safety Recall 17V-676 – Blower Motor Wiring – 2006-2011 BMW 3 Series

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NHTSA Campaign Number: 17V676
Manufacturer BMW of North America, LLC
Potential Number of Units Affected 672,775


Blower Motor Wiring may Overheat

Wiring that overheats could cause the electrical connectors to melt, and increase the risk of a fire, even when the vehicle is unattended.



BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2006-2011 323i, 325i, 325xi, 328i, 328xi, 330i, 330xi, 335i, 335xi and M3, 2007-2011 328i xDrive, 335i xDrive and 335is and 2009-2011 335d vehicles. The wiring and electrical connectors for the system that controls air flow for the heating and air conditioning system may overheat.



BMW will notify owners, and dealers will replace the wiring and electrical connectors, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin December 18, 2017. Owners may contact BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Check if your BMW has a Recall


TIS Service Bulletin

SI B64 07 17 November 2017
Heating and Air Conditioning Technical Service




E90 (3 Series Sedan including M3)
E91 (3 Series Wagon)
E92 (3 Series Coupe including M3)
E93 (3 Series Convertible including M3)



BMW AG is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall (effective November 2, 2017) on Model Year 2006-2011 BMW 3 Series involving the wiring of the blower motor.

This issue involves the wiring for the system – known as the “blower-motor” – that controls air flow for the heating and cooling (air conditioning) system. Over time, and due to a number of contributing factors, the connection between the wiring and this system can degrade.

Approximately 672,775 vehicles are affected by this recall.

Vehicles in dealer inventory are affected by this recall. Vehicles which are affected will show the campaign as “Open” when checked either in AIR or ISPA Next. Once the Warranty Vehicle Inquiry system is updated on Friday, November 3, 2017, it will display the same information. The affected vehicles will be identified with the comment: 0061660400 B640717 Recall: Blower Motor Wiring – Do not retail or deliver.

The repair procedure is still under development and the part numbers have not yet been confirmed. Please do not order those listed in ETK for this recall. This bulletin will be updated with repair instructions, parts and warranty information when they become available. Please monitor the Parts Matrix for parts ordering procedures.

Since this information is initial and a remedy is currently unavailable, it’s recommended that your center utilize BMW loaners (AMP) / rental vehicles as needed for those customers requesting alternate transportation.

Recall notice and Q&A have been attached for further information.

Points of Contact:

If you have any questions in the meantime, contact your Aftersales Area Manager. Please direct any media inquiries to BMW NA Corporate Communications at



View PDF attachment B640717 Recall Notice.

View PDF attachment 2017-BMW-MY2006-2011-E9x-Blower-Motor-Wiring-QA-(30Oct2017)-FINAL.

View PDF attachment B640717 Dealer Script.


To: All Center Operators, Sales Managers, Service Manager, Parts Manager and Warranty Processor
RE: Recall 17V-676: Blower Motor Wiring B64 07 17


BMW AG is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall (effective November 2, 2017) on Model Year 2006-2011 BMW 3 Series involving the wiring of the blower motor.

Owners will be notified by First Class mail about the Recall and will be instructed to bring their vehicles in for a free repair when parts are available.

Please be reminded that it is a violation of federal law (The Safety Act) for you to sell, lease or deliver any new motor vehicle covered by this notification until the recall repair has been performed.  This means that centers may not legally deliver new motor vehicles to consumers until they are fixed or use/sell replacement equipment/parts subject to this recall.  Note also that substantial civil penalties apply to violations of the Safety Act.

Also, you should not sell, lease or deliver any Certified Pre-Owned or used vehicles subject to a safety recall until the repair is completed.

Please follow any special instructions that we provide to you for the return or disposition of recall parts.  

We appreciate all your assistance with this Recall.

Safety Recall 17V-676
Model Year 2006-2011
BMW 3 Series (including M3)
Last Update: 10/30/2017


Q1. Which BMW models in the US are potentially affected by this Safety Recall?

Approximately 672,775 BMW vehicles in the US, as noted below, are potentially affected.

Series Model Year Model Approx. Volume Production Dates
E90 2006-2011 3 Series Sedan 466,598 Feb 2005 – Apr 2011
E91 2006-2011 3 Series Wagon 12,107 Jun 2005 – Apr 2011
E92 2007-2011 3 Series Coupe 96,368 Apr 2006 – May 2011
E93 2007-2011 3 Series Convertible 69,803 Nov 2006 – May 2011
E90 2009-2011 3 Series Diesel 7,689 Mar 2008 – Apr 2011
E90 2008-2011 M3 Sedan 4,726 Nov 2007 – Apr 2011
E92 2008-2011 M3 Coupe 9,797 Jun 2007 – May 2011
E93 2008-2011 M3 Convertible 5,687 Nov 2007 – May 2011


Q2.  What is the specific issue?

This issue involves the wiring for the system – known as the “blower-motor” – that controls air flow for the heating and air conditioning system.  Over time, and due to a number of contributing factors, the connection between the wiring and this system can degrade.


Q3. What can happen as a result of this issue?

Degradation of the wiring connection over time, due to long-term exposure to vehicle vibrations and climatic conditions, could lead to corrosion and possibly to an increase in electrical resistance at the connection.  In rare cases, this could further lead to overheating, the possibility of melting at the connection point, and potentially to a short circuit.  In extremely rare cases, the melting could propagate and lead to a fire.


Q4. Why are other vehicles not included in this Safety Recall?

Other models have different designs for the blower-motor wiring, and for the blower-motor which controls air flow for the heating and air conditioning system.


Q5. Do I need to stop driving my vehicle?

No.  The possibility of this issue occurring is extremely rare.

However, you should stop driving your vehicle if any of the following warning signs occur:

  • You see smoke entering the interior through the heating and cooling air vents.
  • You smell smoke, or a plastic burning odor, in the interior.

If any of these warning signs occur, then as soon as possible, carefully move away from traffic, pull over to a safe location, and shut off the engine.  All occupants should carefully exit the vehicle and move to a safe location away from traffic.  Do not continue to drive your vehicle.

Dial 911 in the event of an emergency or contact an authorized BMW center immediately to have your vehicle brought to the nearest authorized BMW center for inspection and, if necessary, repair.

If an authorized BMW center is not available, then contact BMW Roadside Assistance at 1-800332-4269.  Please note that if you no longer have roadside coverage, you may be required to pay in advance for the towing service.  However,   BMW will reimburse you for the towing service after validation of the recall repair claim.


Q6. I am nervous about continuing to drive my vehicle.  Can I get a loaner vehicle?  Is alternate transportation available?

If you request a loaner vehicle and replacement parts are not available, we have directed our authorized BMW centers to assist customers with alternate transportation needs.


Q7. Can I determine if this issue exists in my vehicle?

No.  This can only be determined through proper inspection at an authorized BMW center.


Q8. How did BMW become aware of the problem?

BMW became aware of the problem through our quality control procedures.


Q9. How will I be informed of this Safety Recall?

All affected owners will receive an initial letter in December via First Class mail advising them of this recall.  Due to the large vehicle population, sufficient parts may not be immediately available to repair all vehicles.  Therefore, affected owners will receive a second letter on a rolling basis as parts become available.  When owners receive the second letter, they should promptly schedule an appointment with an authorized BMW center to have this recall performed.  The nearest authorized BMW center can be located at

To ensure BMW has the most recent contact and vehicle information, owners should register their vehicle at  Registration is free, and will give them access to factory initiated campaigns and other information specific to their BMW.


Q10. How will my vehicle be repaired?

The wiring leading to the system that controls the heating and air conditioning system (the blower-motor) will be inspected and a new part will be installed.  In some cases, additional components may need to be replaced which will be determined at the time of repair.


Q11. How long will the repair take?

This repair should take approximately one to two hours, depending upon the specific repair necessary; however, additional time may be required depending upon your BMW center’s schedule.  The repair will be performed free of charge by your authorized BMW center.


Q12. Do I have to wait for my letter to have my vehicle serviced?

Yes.   Due to the large vehicle volume, a sufficient quantity of parts may not be immediately available for all potentially affected vehicles.  Therefore, potentially affected owners will receive a second letter on a rolling basis.  When you receive the second letter, you should promptly schedule an appointment with an authorized BMW center to have this recall performed.  You can locate your nearest authorized BMW center at


Q13. I see the “TREAD Act Customer Reimbursement Plan” attached to my letter.  Can you explain what that is about?  Am I eligible for reimbursement?

If you have already had this repair performed at your own expense, you may be eligible for reimbursement of certain expenses that you incurred.

Dealer Script:

Thank you for your call / inquiry regarding the current blower motor wiring (and or PCV Valve Heater) recall.  I want to personally assure you that BMW of North America takes your safety and this situation very seriously. BMW has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, known as NHTSA, of our intent to recall approximately 1 million cars and SUV’s.

Currently, we do not have a fixed date for the replacement parts.

Here’s what I can tell you: If you own a potentially affected BMW vehicle, you will be sent a first-class letter in the mail within the next few weeks with more information on what you can do prior to availability of the replacements parts. Once the parts are available, owners will receive another letter with instructions on what to do to have the parts replaced.

While I certainly understand that this may not answer all your questions, I hope it helps a little to know what to expect in light of this recall. BMW is working as quickly as possible to address this situation and we very much appreciate your patience.  In the meantime, more information can be found on our website: scroll to the bottom left side of the page and click: Safety Recalls, enter the last 7 digits of your VIN and click enter. This will provide you with the current Q&A document.

Thank you for calling us and we will be happy to help you as soon as parts become available.

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8 thoughts on “Safety Recall 17V-676 – Blower Motor Wiring – 2006-2011 BMW 3 Series”

  1. I have 2011 BMW 328 xi model, I smelled wire burning while driving and blower stopped working and took my car to BMW service and they performed this recall but still blower is not working and they quoted $660 to replace the blower! Can this recall issue cause damage to blower? Should I pay for this blower replacement or BMW?

  2. Hello, there is a BMW I was interested in looking at New Country BMW located in Hartford, CT. After reviewing the carfax I noted it had a recall re BLOWER MOTOR WIRING. Is it my understanding that any dealership is in violation of selling such vehicle and NOT allowed to sell a car that has a safety recall.

  3. Hello, I am to writing to you in regards to the recall 17v-676 which my 2006 3 series unfortunately was affected by. I received the initial first letter via first class mail warning me of the problem and the potential hazards that go along with it. I have recently noticed smoke coming from the engine bay and vents, as well as smelling an awful burning rubber/electrical smell whenever the A.C. or heater are turned on even if it’s just for a quick second & even when they are not on. Unfortunately I have no other choice but to drive this dangerous vehicle because obligations & priorities, such as getting my step daughter to school (which she didn’t want to get in the vehicle because it was too cold) & I can’t remedy the situation because I’m scared to use the heater. I also have prior engagements such as getting to work to be able to provide for my family. Even though in the back of my head I’m thinking this could be the day the vehicle catches on fire & I burn to death. If you have a family I’m sure you understand you’d do anything for them & this is a gamble I’m taking daily. I hope you can find the time & find it in your heart to reach out to me as soon as possible, so we can remedy the current situation with alternate transportation ASAP until there’s a permant solution or fix for this problem. You can reach me at or my cell number is.
    (909)454-2213 or my Fiancee Mari at or cell number (909)212-2956
    Sincerely, Vincent Morehouse & Mari Melendez. Long time BMW owners & enthusiasts

  4. I purchase a used 335d 2011 on Nov 6th, 2017 at the BMW dealer in Catonsville Maryland. I have been looking for one like this for a long time when I found it. At the time of the purchase I was not made award of the recall since no one really new about it being so new. The serial number is WBAPN7C52BA781579. I will wait for the car to be ready but I would need a loaner car to get me through the holiday season. I asked the dealer to get a temporary car in the mean time. They told me it was the dealer policy not to give loaner cars unless it was for service. Since I have paid only a deposit they said I am not technically the owner so it doesn’t apply. I have offered to paid the car in full so I would be the owner and be allowed to get a loaner. They told me that BMW would not allow it because of the recall pending. I see in your website that you have instructed them otherwise. could you please help me. I do own another BMW Z4 and love it. Could you please let me know how you could help me on this.

    • hello I am in need of help with my vehicle. I have a 2009 Nissan 3xi and it is experiencing issues with the heating system, going on and off on its own and making strange sounds within the venting system. Currently the vehicle has been at BMW, because it needed to be diagnosed. The customer relations representative has informed me that the vehicle is need of the the blower motor wiring/valve heater. However, they have no I idea as to when these parts will be available. I am begging someone to please help me rectify this situation because I want my car to be fixed and safe for myself and family. I was told that I cold receive a rental car, however I have not been given a time as to when these parts will become available. please help me……………….


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