Safety Belt Assemblies Safety Recall 17V-507 – 2018 BMW 4 Series

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NHTSA Campaign Number: 17V507
Manufacturer BMW of North America, LLC
Components SEAT BELTS
Potential Number of Units Affected 67


Seat Belt may not Restrain in a Crash

If the vehicle has an incompatible vehicle-sensitive locking mechanism, the seat belt may not restrain the seat occupant in the event of a crash, increasing the risk of injury.



BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2018 430i, 430i xDrive, 440i, 440i xDrive, and M4 convertible vehicles.

The Emergency Locking Retractors (ELR) within the front seat belt assemblies may have been produced with incompatible vehicle-sensitive locking mechanism housings.



BMW will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and, if necessary replace, the front seat belt assemblies, free of charge.

The recall is expected to begin October 9, 2017.

Owners may contact BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Check if your BMW has a Recall





F33 (4 Series Convertible) F83 (M4 Convertible)



BMW Group is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall (effective August 11, 2017) on Model Year 2018 BMW 4 Series Convertibles (including M4 Convertibles) involving both front seat belts.

Approximately 67 vehicles are affected by this recall.

Vehicles in dealer inventory are affected by this recall/stop. Vehicles which are affected will show the campaign as “Open” when checked either in AIR or ISPA Next. Once the Warranty Vehicle Inquiry system is updated on Saturday, August 12, 2017, it will display the same information. The affected vehicles will be identified with the comment: STOP012465 B720517 Recall: Do not retail or deliver.

We will be sending affected VINs in your inventory to the DCSnet To Do List. As a reminder, we are including VINs that have been retailed as a Service Loaner or Sales Demo.

This bulletin will be updated with Q&A, repair instructions, parts and warranty information when it becomes available



View PDF attachment B720517 Recall Notice.

View PDF attachment STOP012465 VIN List.

View PDF attachment 2017-BMW-MY18-F33-83-ELR-QA-16Aug2017.




To:  All Center Operators, Sales Managers, Service Manager, Parts Manager and Warranty Processor

RE: Delivery Stop & Recall 17V-XXX:  Replace Both Front Seat Belts B72 05 17


BMW Group is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall (effective August 11, 2017) on Model Year 2018 BMW 4 Series Convertibles (including M4 Convertibles) involving both front seat belts.

Owners will be notified by First Class mail about the Recall and will be instructed to bring their vehicles in for a free repair when parts are available.


Please be reminded that it is a violation of federal law (The Safety Act) for you to sell, lease or deliver any new motor vehicle covered by this notification until the recall repair has been performed.  This means that centers may not legally deliver new motor vehicles to consumers until they are fixed or use/sell replacement equipment/parts subject to this recall.  Note also that substantial civil penalties apply to violations of the Safety Act. 


Also, you should not sell, lease or deliver any Certified Pre-Owned or used vehicles subject to a safety recall until the repair is completed. 


Please follow any special instructions that we provide to you for the return or disposition of recall parts.


We appreciate all your assistance with this Recall.

Safety Belt Assemblies
Safety Recall 17V-xxx
Model Year 2018
BMW 4 Series Convertible / M4 Convertible
Last Updated 08/16/2017

Q1. Which BMW Group models in the US are potentially affected by this Safety Recall? 

Approximately 67 Model Year 2018 BMW 4 Series Convertible and M4 Convertible models in the US, produced in July 2017, are potentially affected.

Q2. What is the specific issue?

This safety recall involves the safety belt assemblies on one (or both) of the front seats.  The assemblies contain a vehicle-sensitive locking mechanism and a belt-sensitive locking mechanism.  In a crash of sufficient severity, these mechanisms lock the belt.  Due to a safety belt supplier production error, the vehicle-sensitive locking mechanism may not function.

Q3. What can happen as a result of this issue?

In a crash of sufficient severity, the vehicle-sensitive locking mechanism may not function.  However, the belt-sensitive locking mechanism remains fully functional.

Q3a. If one belt locking function works, what is the need for the Safety Recall?

The Safety Recall is being conducted to provide a fully functional safety belt assembly.

Q4. How did BMW Group become aware of this issue?

BMW Group became aware of this issue through its quality control procedures.

Q5. Why are other BMW Group vehicles not included in this Safety Recall?

Vehicles were produced with safety belt assemblies produced to specification.

Q6. Can I determine if this issue exists in my vehicle?


Q7. Can I continue to drive my vehicle?

Yes.  However, when you receive a letter asking you to have this recall performed by an authorized BMW center, please do so as soon as possible.  If you are not the only driver of this vehicle, please advise all other drivers of this important information.

Q8. How will my vehicle be repaired?

The safety belt will be inspected and, if necessary, replaced.

Q9. Is BMW Group aware of any accidents, injuries, or fires involving these BMW Group vehicles associated with this Safety Recall?


Q10. How will I be informed of this Safety Recall?

You will receive a phone call, and in October a letter via First Class, advising you of this recall and to immediately schedule an appointment with an authorized BMW center to have this recall performed.  You can locate your nearest authorized BMW center at

To ensure BMW has your most recent contact and vehicle information, please register your vehicle at  Registration is free, and will give you access to factory initiated campaigns and other information specific to your BMW.

Q11. How long will the repair take?

This repair will take approximately 1 hour; however, additional time may be required depending upon your BMW center’s schedule.  The repair will be performed free of charge by your authorized BMW center.

Q12. Do I have to wait for my letter to have my vehicle serviced?

Yes.  We are in the process of implementing this program to ensure that the necessary parts, tools and procedures are available, prior to contacting you to schedule your vehicle to have this recall performed.  For the latest updates to this recall, please visit


Publish Date: From: Expiration Date: August 25, 2017
National Automotive SalesOctober 31, 2017
DCSnet Message Important
Subject: MY18 4 Series Convertible Delivery Delay (F33 and F83)



Approximately 1200 MY18 4 Series Convertibles (F33 and F83) have been placed on delivery stop due to an issue with the front driver and passenger seat belts.  See attached VDC Service Information bulletin 17B49 for more information.

Repairs will be prioritized in the following order:

  1. Retailed vehicles
  2. Customer sold in dealer inventory
  3. Customer sold at the VDC
  4. Stock in dealer inventory
  5. Stock at the VDC.

Please communicate your most pressing customer issues to your Regional Distribution teams and we will do our best to prioritize those customers.

Repairs will begin early to mid-September and continue through October as parts become available. National Automotive Sales


17B49_Bulletin[81a40220].pdf  17B49_Bulletin[81a40220].pdf

Recipients: BMW Passenger Cars, CC-All

BMW Passenger Cars, All Offerings, All Regions, All Areas, All Departments, All Personnel


Safety Belts and Accessories (Body) 17B49 August, 2017
Technical Service





F33 4 Series Convertible

F83 M4 Convertible



The restraining function of the seat belts may not be adequate in case of heavy braking.



The seat belts may have a manufacturing error.



Replace both front seat belts.



Replace left and right front seat belt as per “REP 72 11 001 Removing and installing front left seat belt and REP 72 11 002 Removing and installing front right seat belt”.



Part Number Description Quantity
07 14 7 122 476 Fillister head screw 2
07 14 9 148 299 Fillister head screw 2
07 14 9 321 690 Fillister head screw 10
07 14 9 156 955 Fillister head screw 4
72 11 7 318 345 Upper belt front left black 1
72 11 7 318 346 Upper belt front right black 1
72 11 7 318 347 Upper belt front left Veneto beige 1
72 11 7 318 348 Upper belt front right Veneto beige 1
Only if required
07 14 7 398 148 Tilting captive nut 2
41 00 7 243 852 Fillister head screw 2
72 11 6 985 527 Socket head cap screw with shoulder 2
Covering cap 2




Defect Code: 00 72 90 01 00

Labor Operation: Labor Allowance: Description:


*- Data is not available yet.  It will be added as soon as it becomes available.

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