Driver’s Front Air Bag Module – 2014-2015 BMW

NHTSA Campaign Number: 16V683
Manufacturer BMW of North America, LLC
Components AIR BAGS
Potential Number of Units Affected 3,606


Incorrectly Welded Driver Air Bag Inflator

In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the driver’s frontal air bag, the inflator housing could separate from the base plate and result in metal striking the vehicle occupants, potentially resulting in serious injury or death.



BMW of North America, LLC. (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2015 BMW X3 sDrive28i, X3 xDrive28i, X3 xDrive35i, X3 xDrive28d, X4 xDrive28i and X4 xDrive35i vehicles, and model year 2014-2015 X5 xDrive35i, X5 sDrive35i, X5 xDrive50i, and 2014 X5 xDrive35d vehicles.

The affected vehicles have a driver’s frontal air bag inflator that may have been improperly welded.



BMW will notify owners, and dealers will replace the driver’s front air bag, free of charge.

The recall began on November 1, 2016.

Owners may contact BMW customer service at 1-800-525-7417.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to


Check if your BMW has a Recall





F15 (X5) F25 (X3) F26 (X4)



BMW AG is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall involving certain Model Year 2014 – 2015 vehicles.   This involves the replacement of the driver’s air bag module.  Due to a supplier production error, inflators were incorrectly welded.  This issue is related to supplier production and not propellant.


There are approximately 3,606 vehicles affected by this recall.

Vehicles which require this Recall Campaign to be completed will show it as “Open” when checked either in AIR, the “Service Menu” of DCSnet (Dealer Communication System) or with the Key Reader.

This bulletin will be updated with repair instructions, parts and warranty information when it becomes available.



Model Year 2014 – 2015
Driver’s Front Air Bag Module
Safety Recall 16V-xxx
Last updated: 9/20/2016


Q1. Which models are included in this Safety Recall Campaign?

Included are approximately 3,606 vehicles. The approximate volumes and production dates are noted below.

Series Model Model Year Approx. Volume Production Dates
F25 X3 SAV 2015 1,116 5/9/2014 – 7/11/2014
F25 X3 SAV (diesel) 2015 160 5/9/2014 – 7/11/2014
F26 X4 SAC 2015 228 5/28/2014 – 7/11/2014
F15 X5 SAV (incl. M) 2014 – 2015 2,068 5/7/2014 – 11/18/2014
F15 X5 SAV (diesel) 2014 34 6/17/2014 – 7/21/2014


Q2. Which inflator is affected?

This recall involves the Takata PSDI-X inflator.


Q3. What is the specific concern?

Takata believes that a manufacturing error occurred whereby the inflator housing may have been incorrectly welded.


Q4. Is this related to high absolute humidity like the other Takata recalls?

No.  This is a supplier manufacturing error.


Q5. What is the fix?

The driver’s front air bag module will be replaced.


Q6. How long will the repair take?

This repair will take approximately one hour; however, additional time may be required depending upon your BMW center’s schedule. The repair will be performed free of charge by your authorized BMW center.


Q7. When are the repair parts expected to be available?

We are currently working on securing parts as quickly as possible.


Q8. How will I be notified?

If your vehicle is affected, you will receive a letter via First Class mail advising you of this recall and requesting that you schedule an appointment with an authorized BMW center for service and repair.  You can locate your nearest BMW center at


Q9. Do I have to wait for my letter in order to have my vehicle serviced?

Yes.  BMW is in the process of implementing this program to ensure that the necessary parts, tools and procedures are available to its authorized BMW centers, prior to instructing you to take your vehicle in for repair.


Q10. Why are other X3, X4 and X5 vehicles not included?

Only a specific production period is believed to be affected by these improperly manufactured inflators.


Q11. Why is the passenger’s front air bag not affected?

The passenger front air bag has a different type of inflator.


Q12. How are the replacement parts different?

The replacement parts were produced during a different manufacturing period.


Q13. What can happen as a result of this issue?

If the inflator housing was incorrectly welded, then it could separate from the base plate during an air bag deployment.  This could result in metal and other debris passing through the air bag cushion material.  This may result in injury or death to vehicle occupants.


Q14. Is it possible to find out whether the problem exists in my car?



Q15. How did BMW become aware of this issue?

BMW became aware of this issue through its quality review procedures.


Q16. Is BMW aware of any accidents or injuries involving BMW vehicles associated with this campaign?

BMW is aware of one incident without injuries associated with this recall.


Q17. Can I continue to drive my vehicle?

Yes. Vehicles equipped with air bags, save lives and reduce injuries. The vast majority of Takata air bags will perform as expected. When you are notified of this recall and receive a letter asking you to have this service performed by an authorized BMW center, please do so as soon as possible. If you are not the only driver of this vehicle, please advise all other drivers of this important information.


Q18. I did not receive a letter from BMW regarding my vehicle. How can I find out if my BMW is included in this recall?

You can check for open recalls by entering your vehicle identification number (VIN) at and download a sample owner notification letter and Q&A if your VIN is affected.  You can also call or visit your local BMW center’s service department to determine if your BMW is affected.  Make sure to update your contact information by registering at


Q19. How do I update the vehicle ownership information?

You can update the vehicle ownership information by registering at


Q20. Will BMW give me a loaner vehicle until a repair part is available?

Yes. If replacement parts are not available, BMW has authorized its centers to provide or assist customers with alternate transportation, subject to availability.


Q21. Will my BMW center deactivate my frontal air bag until it is replaced?

No. NHTSA estimates that frontal air bags saved 2,400 lives in 2014 alone. It is far more likely that if you are involved in a crash that your air bag will perform properly and protect you than it will rupture and cause harm.


Q22. Am I eligible for reimbursement under the TREAD Act if I previously replaced my driver’s front air bag module?

In this particular recall, reimbursement is likely not applicable, as you would typically have replaced your frontal air bag module as a result of an accident.  In that situation, most likely your insurance company paid for the repair. However, in the very unusual (unlikely) scenario that you previously paid to replace the front air bag module “out-of-pocket” upon learning of this possible defect, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Additional information will be provided when BMW mails the letter asking you to make an appointment with an authorized BMW center.




IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL – Final Remedy Available
This notice applies to your vehicle,
Recall Campaign No. 16V-683: Driver’s Front Air Bag Module


October 2016

Dear BMW Owner / Lessee:

This notice is sent to you in accordance with the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. BMW AG has decided that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists in certain Model Year 2014-2015 BMW X3 Sports Activity Vehicles, X4 Sports Activity Coupes and X5 Sports Activity Vehicles. Our records indicate that you are the owner of a potentially affected vehicle.


Why are we contacting you?

This recall involves the driver’s front air bag module on your vehicle. We are pleased to inform you that we have the necessary parts to complete this recall. If you have not already had this important free repair completed on your vehicle, please contact your authorized BMW center immediately to schedule an appointment. Visit to locate your nearest BMW center.


What could happen?

In the event of a crash necessitating deployment of the driver’s front air bag, the inflator housing could separate from the base plate if it was incorrectly welded. This could result in metal and other debris passing through the air bag cushion material striking the driver or other occupants in the vehicle, potentially resulting in serious injury or death. If you are not the only driver of this vehicle, please advise all other drivers and passengers of this important information.


What will BMW do?

The driver’s front air bag module will be replaced free of charge.


What if the current vehicle ownership information is incorrect?

You can update the vehicle ownership or your contact information by filling out the enclosed postage-paid card or by registering at

If you are a vehicle lessor, Federal Regulations require you to forward this notice to your lessee within ten days.  


What if you have questions or experience problems?

Should you have any questions about this recall, please contact your authorized BMW center. If you need additional assistance, contact BMW Customer Relations and Services by calling 1-800-525-7417 or via email at For the latest updates to this recall, please visit

If your BMW center is unable to remedy the defect without charge or within a reasonable period of time, you may notify the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E., Washington, DC 20590, call the toll-free Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153), or go to

Please be assured that your safety is important to us and we sincerely apologize if this recall causes any inconvenience.  We recommend that you and your passengers wear your seat belt at all times. Sincerely,

BMW of North America, LLC




Este aviso se aplica a su vehículo,
Campaña de retirada n.º 16V-683: Módulo de airbag delantero del conductor


Octubre de 2016

Estimado propietario o arrendatario de BMW:

Le enviamos este aviso según las disposiciones de la National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Ley Nacional de Seguridad de Tráfico y Vehículos Automotrices). BMW AG ha determinado que algunos modelos de vehículos de la serie deportiva X3, de la serie de coupes deportivas X4 y de la serie deportiva X5 de BMW, correspondientes a los años 2014 a 2015, tienen un defecto que afecta la seguridad de estos vehículos motorizados. Nuestros registros indican que usted es el propietario de un vehículo potencialmente afectado.


¿Por qué lo estamos contactando?

Nos alegra informarle que tenemos los repuestos necesarios para completar esta retirada. Póngase en contacto con el centro autorizado de BMW de su localidad para programar una cita a fin de que realicemos esta importante reparación gratuita tan pronto como sea posible.  Visite para localizar el centro de BMW más cercano.


¿Qué podría pasar?

En caso de producirse un choque que requiriera la activación del airbag delantero del conductor, la caja del inflador podría separarse de la placa base si se soldó de manera incorrecta. Esto podría hacer que restos metálicos y otros residuos atravesaran el material de acolchado del airbag y golpearan al conductor o a otros ocupantes en el vehículo, con el potencial de causar lesiones severas o la muerte. Si no es el único conductor de este vehículo, notifique a los demás conductores y pasajeros sobre esta información importante.


¿Qué hará BMW?

El módulo del airbag delantero del conductor se reemplazará sin cargo.


¿Qué pasa si la información actual de la titularidad del vehículo es incorrecta?

Puede actualizar la información de la titularidad del vehículo o su información de contacto completando la tarjeta con respuesta postal paga adjunta o registrándose en 

Si usted es arrendador del vehículo, las reglamentaciones federales requieren que reenvíe este aviso a su arrendatario dentro de los diez días.  


¿Qué debe hacer si tiene alguna pregunta o si experimenta algún problema?

Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre esta retirada, comuníquese con el centro autorizado de BMW. En caso de necesitar asistencia adicional, puede ponerse en contacto con el BMW Customer Relations and Services (Servicio de Atención al Cliente de BMW) llamando al 1-800-525-7417 o por correo electrónico a Para ver las últimas actualizaciones de esta retirada, visite


Si el centro de BMW no puede resolver el defecto sin cargo o dentro de un período razonable, puede notificar al administrador de la National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Administración Nacional de Tránsito de Autopista), 1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E., Washington, DC 20590, llamar a la Vehicle Safety Hotline (Línea gratuita directa de seguridad vehicular) al 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153) o visitar


Le garantizamos que nos importa su seguridad y le pedimos sinceras disculpas si esta retirada le causa algún inconveniente.  Recomendamos que usted y sus pasajeros utilicen el cinturón de seguridad en todo momento.




BMW of North America, LLC







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